Customer Testimonials

“I am In Love with your products! My skin feels amazing! And the way you bottle everything is too precious! Thanks so much and great job! “ — Kelly  M.,  Torrance, CA



“The Snow Glow Sugar Scrub and the Exotic Oil Infused Body Moisturizer are so luxurious and leave my skin feeling better than ever.  This is better than any spa treatment you might get for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. I have also been using the Glow Radiance Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer on my face and my skin texture looks better after just a short time. When we recently had a heat wave, I put the Rose Glow Hydrating Mist in the fridge and sprayed it all over myself - what a great way to cool off and condition my skin at the same time!  I especially like the fact that all these products have no harmful chemicals or harsh fragrances.” — Judy B.,  Lomita, CA


“Elizabeth, I can not thank you enough for Glow Natural. Living in Arizona is hard on my skin and your products are so amazing. I am always looking for moisturizers that will last all day. You can be assured that I am going to let everyone I know that there is something just right!”  —Mary Y.,  Mesa, AZ


“I love the Glow Radiance Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer and the Exotic Oil Infused Body Moisturizer.  They are both wonderful!” — Regina Roberts,  Apple Valley, CA



"I usually steer clear of most skin and beauty products because of all the nasty chemical ingredients in them, but that left me with dry skin.  Your Glow Natural skin care products has solved my dilemma.  I love all the products...the feel, the subtle fragrances, and the packaging are all lovingly created by you and that makes it even more special. I'm enjoying the new feel of soft and smooth skin thanks to your products.  Thank you Liz.  I think you're a healer at heart." —Lynda L., Hesperia, CA



“Elizabeth, I love your products!  Thank you for these amazing products!” — Cindy Elliot,  Apple Valley, CA



“I use Elizabeth Benson's Glow Natural products every day and I love them!” —Jamie C., Corona, CA